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Difference between web based & cloud based ERP

There is a very thin line of difference between a cloud based ERP and web based ERP.

It always feels same when discussed as both ERP applications possess lots of similarities but in actual there is a huge difference. There are multiple noteworthy differences when it comes to cloud ERP for its scalability and rich user experience. Here are some key points to highlight the differences

Cloud Based ERP

Accessible through internet

All cloud based ERP are web based

Majority is hosted in the data center

Inherently scalable

Very high uptime

Data is stored in multiple replicated data centers

Cloud ERP is standardized for all customers

Multiple organizations/companies can be managed easily

Speed load can be divided between server and user’s system

Web Based ERP

Accessible through internet

All web based erp are not cloud based

Not hosted in data centers

Limited by scalability

Limited by availability

Data is stored on single machine only

In Web based ERP each client has its own version

Only 1 organization/company can be managed

Speed load is always on web server