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Gluon ERP is now 2 Factor Security Enabled

Gluon cloud based ERP is a trendsetter in Pakistan. Gluon ERP has once again taken a great leap by enabling 2 Factor Authentication.

This cloud based ERP provides 2 Factor Authentication

This cloud based ERP knows that your password is your security. It is easier than you think for anyone to steal your password. What if someone stole it?

  • They can use your account
  • Also, they can make changes to your account
  • They can use this password at any other place and can download any data from your account

2-step verification will help you to secure your account even if any person has your password.

How to use

You can sign in to your Gluon ERP account in a little bit different way. Here are the standard steps

  1. Enter your user name and password
  2. Then you will receive a code on your mobile number
  3. Then enter the code you have received

This will make your account more protective. During your login, you have no need to enter the password again and again. But once you log out or the session ends you have to enter the verification code again for the security reasons. So this cloud based erp system helps you to know when any person other than you will try to access your account with your user name and password.

How this cloud based erp will protect your data

The code you will receive have only access to you. Every time you will be login to your account a unique code will be made for you which will give access to you your account. It is a 2 layer structure in which first you have to enter your user name and password and a verification code just for security that it your account and you need access to it. This 2 step authentication will keep the bad guys out of your system who steal the password of others and take access to their account.

“Customer’s data security is our highest priority”