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The textile industry is a really booming industry from last few decades. However, when it comes to business management & resource planning, the textile industry face major challenges to manage operations, inventory, recording the acquisition of raw material and last but not least the human resource management along with the payrolls.
In order to maintain the sales turn over and to ensure the quality standards, an integrated system is the need of the textile industry which can do better management of resources across departments.


Given the challenges faced by the textile industry, Gluon ERP helps textile companies to counter the challenges they face everyday by making it easier for the hierarchy to have a watch on quality and quantity of raw materials and it’s management. The Gluon ERP is your technology partner in textile industry by giving you real time data information through which you can improve your production processes.
It allows you to channelize your workflow without being handicapped on a single location by using Gluon ERP mobile application.

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