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The pharma industry around the globe has shown tremendous growth in the past few years. However, the problem faced by this industry is aligned with the constantly changing market conditions whereas it forces companies to react quickly to maintain their competitive advantage.

With ever-growing demand associated with production and delivery of pharmaceutical goods including stock management of huge quantities, the challenge is to maintain and process the data in a system which is efficient and eliminate the manual work.


Gluon ERP helps pharmaceutical companies to automate the main functionality of the organization whereas the flow of information can be handled smoothly.It helps the pharma companies to make optimum utilization of the resources by improving business processes i.e production, sales functions, inventory and stock control, sales & purchase, accounting and finance, quality assurance and advanced reporting for management purposes..Gluon ERP ensures transparency of the system after implementation. It’s modernized and the unified interface is so easy to use and does not require certified training to the resources.
Information is available to all stakeholders, from employees to customers and suppliers, enabling smoother transactions, a higher velocity in decisions and faster turnarounds.

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